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love interests

The love interests in my novels tend toward the unconventional. This may have something to do with my own experience that the perfect specimens of manhood weren’t always the most desirable in other regards. With this in mind, I created a list.

what’s hot        …       and     …        what’s not

tells a good story                                   has a bad case of braggadocio pox

has a genuine laugh                               thinks cracking a smile wrecks his image

touches your hair while you kiss         flips her own hair before you kiss

looks deeply into your eyes                  stares at self whenever a mirror is present

has a personal style                               wears what everyone else wears

geeks out over a passion                       is too cool to have a passion

likes to exchange ideas                         nods, but never removes earplugs

cheers you on                                        always tries to outdo you

respects who you are                             tells you who to be

In my books, the love interest may get to swoop in on a horse or motorcycle or whatever and save the day every so often. But the main character gets to do some swooping of her own.

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I love libraries

I have a confession. Sometimes I cruise library websites to see if my book is checked out. and then I try to imagine the person who is reading it. For me, a trip to the library is like going to a candy store. Or even better–Harrods in London. I always come home feeling richer and full of anticipation.

And now I know someone who checked out my book from her library in Indianapolis–the incomparable 2009 Debutante Saundra Mitchell. And she sent me a pic!

If you haven’t read Saundra’s book yet, you’re in for a treat. SHADOWED SUMMER is a delicious ghost story with romance, friendship, and family secrets rolled into one. If your local library doesn’t have it, be sure to request it.

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The BEST Contest–Win Sister Necklaces!!

Tomorrow is my official book launch day. To celebrate, I’m launching the best contest yet! Besides the usual (a copy of My Invented Life) you can win a sweet pair of matching sister necklaces.

What is a sister necklace, you ask?

My sister Jolene and I go shopping together for our birthdays. We live in different states, so this happens once a year. This year, Jolene suggested sister necklaces. We found a beautiful pair of earrings we both loved, snipped off the ear-wire, and made them into matching necklaces.

Of course, if you don’t have a sister, you can give one to a friend that’s like your sister!

I know how to make jewelry, so I’m creating these myself based on the design of the original Sister Necklace. I’ve already bought the crystals, sterling silver findings, and sterling silver chains. They’re going to be gorgeous. I will post photos soon!!

To enter, submit an ASK MY SISTER letter to* OR submit an ASK MY SISTER letter in comments below. Many of the letters so far (see previous blog posts) are long. Yours can be much shorter.

e.g. My BFF started hanging out with a girl that’s the pimple on the butt of my life. What should I do?

It’s that easy!!!! Your question can be real or made up. Funny or sad. If you submit two letters, it will count as two entries. You can submit as many entries as you like.

The contest is open to entries until midnight on October 20th.

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