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Swoon At Your Own Risk and Indigo Blues-2010

I’m giving away a couple of 2010 novels generously donated by 2009 Debutantes: INDIGO BLUES by Danielle Joseph and SWOON AT YOUR OWN RISK by Sydney Salter. I can’t wait to read these beauties! They’re both at the top of my TBR pile. Indigo Blues will take you into the glamorous world of a hit songwriter and the girl who unwittingly inspired the song. Swoon follows the love life of a girl living with her advice columnist grandma.

You can win a signed copy of these books by leaving a comment after my xillion prizes giveaway post.

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TMI by Sarah Quigley — Win it here!

TMI has so much to recommend it–an interesting plot, true to life characters, and hilarity. From the moment I opened this book, I was laughing. Becca is the perfect funny and clueless girl. The story is cute, but the consequences of Becca’s mistakes are not sugar-coated, which makes for a very satisfying read.

You can win a copy by entering my xillion prizes giveaway here.

Sarah sometimes gets asked if she is the girl on the cover. She isn’t, but she’s at least as adorable.

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My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters Giveaway

Here’s another book you can win in the Xillion Prizes Giveaway–MY BIG NOSE AND OTHER NATURAL DISASTERS by Sydney Salter.

Sydney is my funny-bone twin. Her novel about body image, choosing potential boyfriends, and surviving horrific summer jobs made me crack up again and again. So if you like to laugh, be sure to enter.

You can also win a copy of Sydney Salter’s newest YA, SWOON AT YOUR OWN RISK. It’s at the top of my TBR pile!

Don’t you just love this cover, btw? It won an award at the Bookbuilders of Boston annual book show this year.

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Waiting to Score giveaway

Leave a comment on my Xillion Prize Giveaway post, and earn a chance to win a signed copy of the awesome YA novel WAITING TO SCORE by J.E. MacLeod.

I agree with every word this reviewer wrote:

I found myself completely immersed in Zack’s world, as though I were actually witnessing the parties, the fights, the relationships, and, of course, the hockey games. Zack is a very real, unique, contemporary 15-year-old you won’t soon forget. Waiting to Score is so much more than a sports story. It’s page-turning action and character-testing drama to the very end. –Nora Raleigh Baskin

This story has it all–an amazing boy protagonist, authentic details that immerse you in the story, and substantial themes. Don’t miss out.

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Jane in Bloom–the shadow sister

My sister and I were very close growing up, and still are. Which is why I wrote a YA novel about sisters, and  love reading other novels on the topic. Recently, I read JANE IN BLOOM by Deborah Lytton. I so loved this book about a girl living in her sister’s shadow, that I had to feature it here. And interview Deborah.

Check out how to win a signed copy of JANE IN BLOOM at the end of this post!

Your premise for Jane in Bloom is compelling–a girl who goes unnoticed in her family because of  her perfect, yet no so perfect, anorexic sister. What made you write about this?

Years ago, I saw a piece on a news program about forgotten siblings.  They were the invisible kids in a family focused on one problem child—and because they had no problems, they were virtually ignored.  I wanted to tell their story—and that turned into Jane’s story.   I do not have any personal experience with anorexia, but I wanted to reach out to girls and hopefully empower them to look at who they are on the inside, and not the outside.

Do you have a sister?

I do—only I am the older one.  We are three years apart, and we are best friends—the thing about sisters is that no one else really knows all your secrets and that makes it a very powerful and very comforting relationship.  I found that I could write about Jane’s journey of grief by imagining how I would feel in the same situation.  To me, the love and the bond between sisters is completely unique and unlike any other relationship.  It’s complex and dynamic and at the heart is a connection that is unbreakable.   That is the relationship I created for Jane and Lizzie.

As the story progresses, the interactions between Jane and her father evolve into something wonderful. Why did you highlight the father in your story?

I don’t know that I actually ever made that decision consciously.  The characters took on lives of their own, and I just told their stories.  But in my research, I read a number of stories about girls with anorexia, and the families seemed to fall into a pattern. I used that pattern to form Jane’s family, but the only way for this family to survive was by the father learning to evolve.  If he couldn’t change, the family would disappear without its preoccupation with Lizzie.

You have had a busy acting career. Has this influenced your writing?

I believe my acting background has helped my writing tremendously. In acting, you have to learn to accept rejection—because you lose more roles than you book.  As writers, rejection is the biggest hurdle we must overcome.  I think being able to separate myself from the work helps me to move past the rejections and keep writing  (after consuming copious amounts of chocolate!).  Also, to be a successful working actor, you have to take direction well—as a writer, being able to accept editing suggestions with an open mind is one of my greatest strengths.

Are you working on another book? Please do tell 🙂

I can’t tell too much because I am superstitious, but I will tell you that I am working on a ya novel about an unlikely romance.  It’s a slightly older protagonist than Jane, but it has some of the same dramatic elements.  I hope it will make people cry at least once.  Jane in Bloom has a young romance, but the book is really about the family dynamics and how they impact Jane.  This new novel is centered on the romantic relationship, and I’m having a great time writing it.

I can’t wait to read it.

Thank you Lauren!  I am such a big fan of your work, it has been an honor to be interviewed by you.

And now, how to win a copy of JANE IN BLOOM!

Within the week, I will unveil a contest where you can win a gift certificates to your favorite bookstore, signed copies of some of the best contemporary YA debut fiction of 2009–books you should definitely read, but may have overlooked–, delicious ARCs, and more. Stay tuned.

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