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Confessions of a tech weenie

A friend of my built my first house website. I absolutely love it. But it’s been  languishing for months. Years, in fact. The paint is peeling and the windows could use a wash.

Since I love wordpress for blogging, I made the decision to create my website here too. Soon. First I needed to 1)pick a template, 2)learn how to customize it, 3)purchase a font kit, 4)figure out how to transfer my domain, my domain email, etc.

Step one: choosing a template. There are literally thousands of templates online. After narrowing it down to a dozen contenders, I learned that only works with the ones they provide. So I picked one. Then I noticed a button called activate and clicked on it.

Big mistake. The new template “activated” on my blog, deleting all the customized images I’d uploaded. Everything was lost.

But rather than panic, I started creating my new website out of the ashes of my blog.

Instead of launching a beautiful website like I planned, what you see is a work-in-progress.

In the next few weeks, I’ll just slap on some paint new fonts, add new rooms pages as needed, and it will be as good as new.

But first, I need a tutorial on CSS. Ack!

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