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Win a writing journal!

Someone (I forget who it was!) suggested making writing journals with my cover on them. I loved the idea, and went for it. My Invented Life is a good name for a writing journal, don’t you think?

So Bee is giving the first one away on her awesome Dreamcatcher’s Lair blog! All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog.

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I haz book trailer!

A few days ago, and totally out of the blue …

… the very talented Fausto sent me this!!!!

Besides being a videographer, Fausto is writing his own YA novel.

Now Fausto has a new fan. ME!!!

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Ask My Sister (#10)

Dear Stupid Cupid,
You wouldn’t believe the size of my problem. I have the hots for this boy who’s so beautiful it hurts to look at him. But he’s my sister’s boyfriend. Except I saw him first. Yelling dibs doesn’t work when you’re sixteen, I guess.

He kind of notices me and kind of ignores me, at the same time. Sadly, the other boy–the one crushing on *me*–has forgotten how to talk. He might have nice eyes. It’s hard to tell because his bangs cover them.

And then there’s this girl that’s all waify and mysterious. She seems to like me. Like like. And maybe I like like her back. Just a little.

Tell me what to do!

Dear Roz,

Wow. What a pickle you’ve got yourself in! But my boss always tells me that’s how love is–it’s messy and crazy and worth all the fuss.

Here are my thoughts. As far as the hottie, I hate to say this, but friends have to come first…and that includes your sister. I know it sucks when you feel so strongly about someone, but trust me–no guy is worth ruining your friendship or sisterhood over. That’s something my best friends and I have vowed never to do.

As far as the nice-eyed quiet guy, I’d recommend you study him closely. Maybe follow him around, or probe his friends (er, so to speak, haha) for answers about him. What’s he into? Are you into any of the same things? Maybe those can serve as launching pads for convos with him. I recommend being careful if you follow him around–getting busted for that kind of thing sucks and is suuuuper embarrassing. Um, not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

Aaaanyway, onto the girl–do the same thing! Love doesn’t have boundaries, yanno? When it hits ya, it hits. So take some time to try to break through that mysterioso personality and see who she is on the inside. Maybe she’s awesome. Maybe she’d be great to date–or just have a friend. But you won’t know unless you try.

Sounds like you have some great options available for you. GOOD LUCK, and I’ll be watching you closely! *wink*

Stupid Cupid

Advice provided by Rhonda Stapleton, author of the amazing STUPID CUPID

Send your ASK MY SISTER letters to and receive a free signed bookmark

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I love libraries

I have a confession. Sometimes I cruise library websites to see if my book is checked out. and then I try to imagine the person who is reading it. For me, a trip to the library is like going to a candy store. Or even better–Harrods in London. I always come home feeling richer and full of anticipation.

And now I know someone who checked out my book from her library in Indianapolis–the incomparable 2009 Debutante Saundra Mitchell. And she sent me a pic!

If you haven’t read Saundra’s book yet, you’re in for a treat. SHADOWED SUMMER is a delicious ghost story with romance, friendship, and family secrets rolled into one. If your local library doesn’t have it, be sure to request it.

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SLJ review–something to celebrate

Every once in a while, a debut author has to take a moment out of her busy revision schedule to say, “Squeeeeee!” I did just that when I read the review of MY INVENTED LIFE in SLJ yesterday.

Here’s the review in full. I bolded the parts I liked best 😀

Gr 9 Up—Self-proclaimed drama geek Roz Peterson has an active fantasy life, which she often confuses with reality. She thinks that her sister Eva, who is no longer confiding in her, is a lesbian and in love with her friend Carmen. Roz dreams of Eva’s boyfriend, Bryan, reciprocating her longtime crush. In an effort to encourage her sister, Roz decides to come out at school and invent a new sexual identity for herself as a lesbian, the only problem being that she is basically heterosexual. The hapless Roz is an exceptionally unreliable narrator who makes clumsy attempts to figure out what is going on with all the other people in her life. All this real-life gender-bending takes place during the drama club’s production of As You Like It. This novel is particularly good at evoking teenage confusion about sexual preference and identity, and Bjorkman’s depiction of the drama-club crowd is absolutely spot-on, especially the characters’ trading of Shakespearean insults online and the practical jokes they play on one another. Narrator Roz is funny, well intentioned, and likable despite her cluelessness, and she is surrounded by a realistic cast of adult and teen characters representing a wide variety of viewpoints and sexual preferences. This is an enjoyable read that will be especially appealing to theater aficionados.—Kathleen E. Gruver, Burlington County Library, Westampton, NJ

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Dear Roz,

You’re a girl after my own heart, so I’m just gonna lay it on the line for you. There’s this guy that I’ve had a major crush on for forever, but we’ve been best friends for so long that I don’t even think he consider me a girl anymore. I’m worried that if I tell him, he’s going to be totally grossed out and then it’s going to screw up our friendship.

Plus, he’s really into this snotty, rich girl who, I kid you not, looks like she just stepped out of Twlight, or True Blood, or one of those other sexy goth shows. Not that she would give him the time of day. She’s way to shallow to ever appreciate him or his talent. But every time he starts mooning over her, I want to punch him in the mouth.

So what do you think? Should I:
a.) tell him
b.) punch him in the mouth
c.) punch her in the mouth
d.) all of the above


Dear Fiver,

Rule number one. There is no point trying to understand boys (or girls for that matter). When it comes love, they’re incomprehensible. Rule number two. I’m all for punching people who are annoying or oblivious. But it rarely works out well.

Eva would tell you to talk to him. Talking can be a good thing. In my experience, though, it doesn’t always work out. The last time I told a boy how I felt, he kept his girlfriend and tried to have me on the side. Of course, your crush might be nobler than my crush. Nah. I doubt it.

Have you tried more subtle hints—dressing girly when he’s around? Doing something special with your hair? You can mention some guy that’s interested in you. Jealousy is an excellent motivator. Just don’t go overboard. You don’t want to end up like poor Desdemona in Othello. Slain.

Good luck!

Letter courtesy of Jon Skovron, author of STRUTS AND FRETS.

Send ASK MY SISTER letters to and receive a signed My Invented Life book mark.

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My book in the wild

Sydney Salter (author, friend, 2k9er, and 2009 Debutante) sent me this photo of My Invented Life in the wild. Well, not exactly in the wild. But in a bookstore in Utah! I just had to share.


Sydney has a new middle grade novel out called Jungle Crossing. Her main character travels to the Yucatan on a family vacation. While there, she undergoes a major transformation and discovers the meaning of true friendship. I love this book and highly recommend it.

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Dear Roz,

My ex-BFF stole my boyfriend from me. Now she’s going to the prom with him. Is it wrong to try to give her mono by drinking out of her soda can during lunch?

More Than Tempted

Dear More Than Tempted,

You can give someone mono just like that? Wow. I’m so jealous. Did someone invent Mono brand lipgloss? Or are you a carrier?

Either way, your plan is perfectly diabolical. Which is why I love it! I think you should do it. But please don’t share this letter with Eva because it might give her ideas. I’m the one usually stealing her boyfriends, you know. Even though I try to wait until they’re exes.

If you’re worried about the moral implications… I checked with the Centers for Disease Control. No one has ever died from mono.

And all’s fair in love and war, especially when it comes to boyfriends! Or girlfriends!


Letter courtesy of Dena

* send ASK MY SISTER letters to

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My author copies are here!


My books are here! And they are more lovely in person than I’d expected. I’m going to sign them and send them off to everyone I thanked in my acknowledgements. Yay!

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Roz is in the Building!

It’s 53 days until MY INVENTED LIFE will hit the shelves in bookstores (and hopefully leave them soon after). My son thinks I should attach a picture of my book to a rocket, and shoot it into the stratosphere on launch day. Good idea!

In the meantime, the irrepressible Roz (the main character of My Invented Life) will be dispensing advice right here in her new column called Ask My Sister–Invented advice for those who wish they were as daring as me.

So if you have a question about life, love, theater, or pranks, please leave a comment here.

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