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The love interests in my novels tend toward the unconventional. This may have something to do with my own experience that the perfect specimens of manhood weren’t always the most desirable in other regards. With this in mind, I created a list.

what’s hot        …       and     …        what’s not

tells a good story                                   has a bad case of braggadocio pox

has a genuine laugh                               thinks cracking a smile wrecks his image

touches your hair while you kiss         flips her own hair before you kiss

looks deeply into your eyes                  stares at self whenever a mirror is present

has a personal style                               wears what everyone else wears

geeks out over a passion                       is too cool to have a passion

likes to exchange ideas                         nods, but never removes earplugs

cheers you on                                        always tries to outdo you

respects who you are                             tells you who to be

In my books, the love interest may get to swoop in on a horse or motorcycle or whatever and save the day every so often. But the main character gets to do some swooping of her own.

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