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Why I love teen book bloggers

Teen book bloggers are an amazing species. They read voraciously, blog about books in great detail, hold contests, interview authors, and keep tabs on what’s new. Their enthusiasm for books is unmatched by any other group around. When I’ve exchanges emails with them, they’re always so gracious.

And energetic. My To Be Read pile measures in at a respectable two feet high, and wobbles a bit precariously on my night table. The typical teen book blogger could build a small fortress with her TBR books. Many can write a synopsis better than some publishing houses.

Of course, I’m in heaven when I get a rave review from one, but bravo to all of them for their passion and dedication.

Check out some of my recent faves:

Shelf Elf

The Book Butterfly

Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf

Frenetic Reader

Library Lounge Lizard

Book Nerds

Sarah’s Random Musings

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