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Show your Pride. Volunteer. In big ways or little ones.

The most amazingest, biggest, bestest, firstest, funnest Gay Pride event is coming to Taos the weekend of August 21st.

But before that, there’s the Gayest Dog and Car Wash Ever on July 31st. Scroll to the bottom to see the flier.

Volunteers–young and old, short and tall, gay and straight–are needed to help out! You can attend planning meetings held every Tuesday at 6:30 pm at El Pueblito Methodist Church in El Prado.

Or you can make phone calls, or volunteer out at events. All help is greatly appreciated!

Please contact volunteer coordinator, Patrick Finn, at 758-1947.

Don’t forget to visit the gay pride taos website for more fun and info.

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Gay Pride in a small town.

I live in a town of 6,000 people, 20 churches, 30 art galleries, one Non-Super Wal-Mart, and no shopping malls. Bare dirt walkways exceed the number of side-walks by a large margin. And I like it that way.

But it is still full of surprises. A month ago, a chapter of PFLAG started here. And then a dedicated young man, Robert Quintana, began organizing a Gay Pride event for this summer, the first ever.

It started with The Gayest Bake Sale Ever. Which raised $1,400!

I just love this flier!

Keep an eye out for the Gayest Car Wash Ever. Just kidding! But there really will be a huge car wash in early August to raise money for Pride. And dozens of clean cars in town for days afterwards.

After that, there will be galas and parties, culminating Pride in the Park, a picnic with booths, live music, entertainment, and freebies. Come join the fun on August 21st at Kit Carson Park!

It makes me proud to live here.

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Do what others say you cannot do

My dad’s birthday is coming up. So today I sent him a package with a giant wrought iron spider, a hand-made card, and a fortune that read: There is great pleasure in doing what others say you cannot do.

A long time ago, my dad was working on the interior our sailboat, Gaucho. Some people came along the dock and started talking, not realizing he could overhear them.  One said, “That boat will never sail again.”

Which made my dad see red. And become more determined than ever. He went on the restore the Gaucho.  And sail the world in it with his two daughters for five years.

I share this story for one simple reason. If you have a dream, any dream, but you don’t dare pursue it because someone tells you it’s impossible … don’t listen! Go for it. Prove that person wrong, instead.

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Why I love teen book bloggers

Teen book bloggers are an amazing species. They read voraciously, blog about books in great detail, hold contests, interview authors, and keep tabs on what’s new. Their enthusiasm for books is unmatched by any other group around. When I’ve exchanges emails with them, they’re always so gracious.

And energetic. My To Be Read pile measures in at a respectable two feet high, and wobbles a bit precariously on my night table. The typical teen book blogger could build a small fortress with her TBR books. Many can write a synopsis better than some publishing houses.

Of course, I’m in heaven when I get a rave review from one, but bravo to all of them for their passion and dedication.

Check out some of my recent faves:

Shelf Elf

The Book Butterfly

Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf

Frenetic Reader

Library Lounge Lizard

Book Nerds

Sarah’s Random Musings

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