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My author copies are here!


My books are here! And they are more lovely in person than I’d expected. I’m going to sign them and send them off to everyone I thanked in my acknowledgements. Yay!

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yummy book review-topia

Lauren’s Crammed Shelf gave My Invented Life a charming review.

You can check it out here.

I like how Lauren gets my sense of humor and quirky characters. The A+ doesn’t hurt either.

*blushes modestly, then asks if  the letter grade comes with a gold star*

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Launch party

My launch party is coming up (…just 36 days to go…) and I’m worried about it. I’ve never been one to seek out the spotlight. But now I’m asking a ton of people to celebrate me celebrate with me.

Then again, the idea of launching is so thrilling, I couldn’t just celebrate by eating ice cream and drinking champagne in bed (though that’s fun, too). So I’m going on the radio, signing books at Moby Dickens, and having a big party at my house afterwards.

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Roz is in the Building!

It’s 53 days until MY INVENTED LIFE will hit the shelves in bookstores (and hopefully leave them soon after). My son thinks I should attach a picture of my book to a rocket, and shoot it into the stratosphere on launch day. Good idea!

In the meantime, the irrepressible Roz (the main character of My Invented Life) will be dispensing advice right here in her new column called Ask My Sister–Invented advice for those who wish they were as daring as me.

So if you have a question about life, love, theater, or pranks, please leave a comment here.

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