Friendship, interrupted

Dear Miss Fortune Cookie,

In my group of friends there were four of us. One of them decided she didn’t want to be friends with us anymore and her reason was that I was bullying her; I wasn’t, I thought she was my bestfriend. She caused a big scene leaving the rest of us not wanting to talk to her.

It’s been 3 months and now one of my bestest friends wants to be friends with her again, and I’m not sure that I can be friends with someone who is friends with that girl that treated me badly.What do I do? 



Dear Stuck,

Miss Fortune Cookie Says: The person who makes a scene is not a friend. She’s an actress.
I’m allergic to scenes. They discourage communication. If your ex-friend had not thrown a scene, you could’ve talked about what upset her. You might have seen each other’s point of view. Amazing! But now it’s a Chinese Opera with shifting alliances, and daggers unexpectedly drawn.
What a mess.
Your bestest-friend-that-wants-to-be-hang-out-with-your-ex-friend is key. Can you talk to her? If she understands that her move hurts you, she may change her mind.
I love to give people second and third chances. But true friendship is based on trust, loyalty, and mutual admiration. A friend should always have your back.
Miss Fortune Cookie
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