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Be an advice columnist for a day–NEW CONTEST

Are you proud of being opinionated? Do you like to give advice?


Ask Miss Fortune Cookie


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TO ENTER, write a response to one of the Dear Miss Fortune Cookie letters below:

Dear Miss Fortune Cookie,

My boyfriend and I have been together for one week. He’s amazing, and I don’t just mean his eyes and hair. He really listens to me. He gives me compliments. Now I wonder if it’s just an act! He brags to his friends after we make out. My friend showed me one of his texts! I want to kill him. But what if someone else sent the text to split us up? Lots of people are jealous of what we have.

Going crazy

Dear Miss Fortune Cookie,

My best friend and I share a locker. It’s kind of a pain because she is a total slob. If I throw out trash, she accuses me of losing her homework. Once she left half an Icee in there, and it spilled all over my social studies binder. I’d move out of the locker, but my friend just joined chorus. Now she has new friends that she can hang out with instead of me. What should I do?


Dear Miss Fortune Cookie,

I’m not short, but my girlfriend is taller than me. My friends laugh about it. They call me stumpy and pat me on the head. I don’t want to go to school anymore. Should I just break up with her already?

Taller Than Average


Email your entry to
You can enter as many times as you wish.




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Chatting it up on World Talk Radio

Cynthia Brian will interview me tomorrow for her program StarStyle on World Talk Radio.

You can catch us live at 3 pm Pacific Standard Time (California) and  6pm EST ( East Coast). Just click on the link at the bottom.



Miss Fortune Cookie by Lauren Bjorkman is an uplifting story about the struggle between being true to yourself, fitting in, and considering the needs and desires of the people you love, told through a teen’s funny observations as a secret advice columnist. It deals with the moment all young people must face: choosing the kind of adult they will become.

When the Saudi royal family vacationed in Los Angeles, they hired Jayne Amelia Larson, an actress struggling to make ends meet, to be their personal chauffeur. Her book, Driving the Saudis is a story about the corruption that nearly infinite wealth causes, and about what we all do for money.

The Golden Globes, the SAG Awards, the Oscars, and Emmys? What do they all have in common besides glamour, glitz, and garb? They influence the movies and TV shows we watch, support, and mimic. SAG-AFTRA members Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany go behind the scenes to bring you the gab.

Be sure to tune into Be the Star You Are with Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany every Thur 3 PM PT on World Talk RadioLog on to Listen:

 If you miss us, you can catch the podcast later.

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“Dear Abby” advice columnist dies at 94

When I was 12 and 13, I delivered the Palo Alto Times to around 80 customers. Before rolling the papers and stuffing them into my bag, I’d read the Dear Abby letters. I always enjoyed her motherly advice.

Here’s a sample letter:


I am 16 but will be 17 in a few months. I have known my boyfriend, “John,” for two years. He is my first boyfriend.

After four months of dating, John has asked me to marry him, and I said yes. He had been hinting about an engagement, and I didn’t have the heart to say otherwise. John is very dear to me, but I keep hearing people say, “Keep your options open.” I told John that I am young (he’s 18), and I want to take it slowly, but he says if I break up with him to date other guys, he will never date me again.

Abby, I want to make sure John is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t started dating him because I feel too young to be engaged or married. I love John dearly. I

don’t want to break his heart or mine. I am also scared I might mess up this relationship. What should I do to make myself believe that I have found my true love? — STUCK IN OKLAHOMA


You should have been absolutely honest with John from the beginning. When you have found your own true love, you won’t have to “make yourself” believe it. You will KNOW it.

John is pressuring you because he is afraid if you start dating others he won’t measure up. For both your sakes, tell him that you are not ready to make the kind of commitment he is demanding. He may not like hearing it, but it is the truth. You won’t break his heart, and once you have done it, you will feel a sense of relief.

You can read about her life in the LA Times.

I’m off to look for more of her letters!

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Giving away a sprillion books!

Okay, not really. Each month 25 amazing YA authors (including me) blog about process, craft, our writing, and personal lives at YA Outside the Lines. This month, we’re giving away 30 books, plus Skype visits with authors and cool swag. Go here to enter! Here’s a sampling of what you can win.

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