How to alienate your family

Have you ever wondered what happens when a writer models a character in her bestselling novel on a family member? I’d imagine it goes something like this:

Yeah, Dad, you’re right. The dad in my book flies model airplanes like you do, has a mustache that twirls up at the ends like yours, and trekked across Tibet in his youth like you did, but my fictional dad is a jerk, which you are NOT. He totally isn’t you, okay?

I wrote about this today at YA Outside the Lines. You can read the whole post here.

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2 thoughts on “How to alienate your family

  1. It’s the same thing for me more or less. I also use features of people I meet but they don’t read anything what I write…It’s an advantage…maybe they would stop speaking me…hahaha they have to understand it’s only fiction.

    • laurenbjorkman

      That’s so true. Sometimes people read something into it you didn’t even mean to convey!

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