We love L.K. Madigan and her books

Talented, sweet, and down to earth YA author L.K. Madigan has recently announced some heart-breaking news. You can read about it in her own words here.

The Feast of Awesome will give away EIGHTY copies her books …

the Morris Award winning FLASH BURNOUT and


To win a set, visit the Feast of Awesome and leave a comment.

This is a major celebration of Lisa and her talent!! Please join in.

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2 thoughts on “We love L.K. Madigan and her books

  1. I just read both links and it was a pity reading that. Every time more people die younger!! I don’t know if it is because we have a fast lifestyle or the food we eat!! I can’t believe with so much technology, there is no innovations for these type of diseases. Cheer up!

  2. laurenbjorkman

    I’m very sad. Lisa can still survive this, but the odds are slim. I find no solace in seeking explanations. I know people without hectic lifestyles and that eat very healthy that have gotten cancer. Lisa’s wisdom and beauty in the face of her situation totally amazes me. Thank you for commenting.

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