Mega Contest with a Xillion Prizes!


Here’s what I’m  giving away:

One $25 gift certificate to the bookstore of your choice

A second $25 dollar gift certificate

These amazing contemporary novels SIGNED  by the author. They are funny, heartfelt, poignant, and enjoyable to the last page. Plus I love what they have to say!

DONUT DAYS by Lara Zielin (PB)

EIGHTH-GRADE SUPERZERO by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich (HC)

FLASH BURNOUT by L.K. Madigan (PB)

HAVEN by Beverly Patt (PB)

INDIGO BLUES by Danielle Joseph (PB)

JANE IN BLOOM by Deborah Lytton (HC)

LIPSTICK APOLOGY by Jennifer Jabaley (PB)



SHADOWED SUMMER by Saundra Mitchell (PB)

STRUTS AND FRETS by Jon Skovron (HC)

SWOON AT YOUR OWN RISK by Sydney Salter (PB)

TMI by Sarah Quigley (HC)

TWENTY BOY SUMMER by Sarah Ockler (PB)


And …

TWO signed copies of MY INVENTED LIFE by yours truly

My Invented Life Post-Its

And several Fab-O ARCs:

SISTERS RED by Jackson Pearce



A signed bookmark to everyone who enters.

Here is how to enter:

Comment on this post!

If you want additional entries:

+1 if you are already following me, or if you add me on FB

+1 if you are already following me, or add me on twitter

+5 send a picture of you and a friend–your heads together like in photo booth pictures at the fair–that I can post here. Send photos to

Contest ends at midnight on OCTOBER 15th.

Each winner picks the prize of their choice–a gift certificate, a signed book, or an ARC. The first place winner will get first choice, the second place winner second choice, etc. If you have multiple entry points, you can win multiple prize.

Thanks for entering!!!!

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265 thoughts on “Mega Contest with a Xillion Prizes!

  1. laurenbjorkman

    + 8 for Em, who commented over at FB my mistake 🙂

    Em–What a fun contest! I’m following you on facebook, just found (and followed) you on twitter (@loveyalitblog) and I’m sending you a picture. 8 points please! Thank you.

  2. sherrah

    Great contest! So many books!! I’m now following you on twitter and through your RSS feed.

  3. Wow – awesome contest! I now follow you on FB (I’m Emily WilowRaven) and on twitter (I’m @WilowRedHouse).

    Hope you are having a good Monday!

  4. +1 for adding you on my FB. (I’m Marian Librarian)

    This is an amazing contest!

  5. Vanessa

    I would love to win this collection of novels.

  6. Jessica Kulendran


    I’m really hoping that I win as all these books look awesome!

  7. Can I just say that this contest is full of awesome? Well, it is. Plus, words can’t describe how much I am salivating over that signed copy of My Invented Life. Thank you so much for the contest!

    +1 I follow you on Twitter (@JennaWorden)

    +5 I sent you an email with a picture! I hope you enjoy it.

    Thanks again!

  8. introvertmom

    What a fun contest! Going to add you on facebook now!

  9. Super books! 🙂

  10. Great selection of books, and many I haven’t read yet! Added you on FB.

  11. Mike Dyson

    Thanks for giving so many great books away!

  12. Great contest! I follow you on FB and Twitter +3!

  13. Donna S

    Cool contest. Thanks for the chance!

    +1 added on FB

    +1 added on twitter (@donnas1)

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  14. Great contest…I’m drooling BTW! Added you on FB and Twitter *grin*


  15. WOW – what a treasure chest!

    adding you on facebook
    adding you on twitter (@readingitall)

    Robyn Hawk

  16. Sylvia

    This is. AMAZING. Thank you so much for this contest! I really hope I win:)

    I follow you on twitter (@sylveeya)

  17. What a mega-contest! I hope I’m one in a xillion!

    Thanks for running such a fun contest and helping other authors get their books out there.


  18. debp

    Wow, what a contest. This is so generous of you.

  19. Lindsey

    I would love to win! Following on Twitter and Facebook.


  20. rica

    Would love to win for my school!

  21. Heather

    WOW! So many books I have been wanting to read. I would love to win this! Added you on FB, YAY! Thanks!

  22. Now this set of books would most definitely help me through a ton of “one mentally ill minutes”! I’ll keep my fingers crossed and try to stay sane while I write, revise, and deal with the ups and downs of life…

  23. Alison

    It looks like a great selection of books. I would love to be a winner to enjoy them. : )

  24. Cherie J

    Wow! Amazing selection of books. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

    +1 For following on Twitter (@cherierj)

    +1 For adding you to FB (Just sent you the request)

  25. Wowza. That is a xillion prizes 😛

    I already suscribed to your blog, and I follow on twitter @thebookcellarx. I also just added you on facebook. I also am emailing you a picture 🙂

    🙂 Erica

  26. I would love to win a gift certificate or book 🙂 *Thanks* for the giveaway!

    +1 Facebook friend

    +1 Following @laurenbjorkman on Twitter

  27. Jessy

    Wow, so many great books. Thank you for the chance to win!
    I am now following you on twitter (@emma015)

  28. Sarah

    +1 for me- I’m following you on Facebook!

  29. Awesome giveaway!

    +1 follow on twitter @throuthehaze

    +1 follow on Facebook-Rae Pavey

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  30. Julia

    A mini-library would make a pleasing addition to our YA section at school. Thank you for his opportunity.

  31. Claire Grassman

    7th/8th grade reading teacher–would LOVE a signed book for my classroom library! Thank you for doing this!

    Adding you on FB and Twitter also!

    Have a great day!

    Claire Grassman

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  33. Brooke

    What a fantastic giveaway! Thank you so much! I’m very excited to read a lot of these books.

  34. Lasha

    wow this so so amaning, I would love all of these books!! Thanks a ton for this really cool giveaway

  35. Ashley

    Sweet contest. Hope I can win one of the great books!

  36. Amber

    Awesome Contest! There are so many great books that are being given away. I hope that I can win.

  37. This is such an amazing contest! Quite a few of those books are on my wishlist! Thanks for this awesome opportunity. 😀

    +1 Follow you on twitter @thebookpixie
    +1 Added you on Facebook @Briana McNair


  38. Wow! Those are some amazing prizes. =]

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    Thanks so much for the contest!

  39. +friend on Facebook: Billy Burgess
    +following you on Twitter: burgessmissouri

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  42. emily l

    I would love to be entered. Thanks!

  43. This is so awesome! Thank you so much! I added you on Facebook & Twitter (Bookish Type & @The_BookishType) =)

  44. I just have to enter 😀


  45. Gina C.

    Wow! What a great list of books and prizes to give away. I stumbled upon your blog by total accident, but I’m sure glad I checked it out. Please enter me in your book give-a-way contest, though I’m a grown adult, I really enjoy reading YA books.

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  47. Cinnamon Skewes

    What an amazing list…I would be in book heaven!

  48. Count me in! : )

  49. Please count me in too!

  50. Katieberryyy

    Wow nice list! 😀

  51. JenP

    Great contest! I’d love to enter!

  52. Fantastic giveaway, thanks!

    Now following you on Twitter (I’m Word_Tapestry) 🙂

  53. Hi there!
    What a fantastic prizes to be won. Please count me in =)

    +1 I followed via Twitter
    +1 Friended you on FB
    +5 Just sent you the pic! (shy8629@…)

    Surely hope that I’m lucky enough to win!
    Thank you so much.

  54. Generous prizes!

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  56. Elizabeth R.

    um… this is amazing! thanks so much!

  57. Julia R

    wowwwww awesome!

  58. The books look fantastic. We are FB friends and also now following you on Twitter. Great contest. Great execution.

  59. StoryLove

    +1 added on FB
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    Awesome contest! 🙂

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  62. Awesome contest!

  63. wow! awesome giveaway. count me in 🙂

  64. great contest, thanks so much!

    +1 for following you on twitter @inconceivably

  65. Great contest 🙂

  66. Gabrielle

    SO. MANY. PRIZES. *dies*
    +1 for twitter! @gubuchu
    and email: ricettebunny (@) live (.) com

  67. Fantastic contest! Thank you!

  68. basma

    I really want to win. Here is my email: basma(dot)aal(at)gmail(dot)com. I follow you and fb you

  69. I think I will explode from all of this awesome!

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  70. FABULOUS CONTEST!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I’m super excited right now!!

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    And I sent you a request on FB


  71. I’d love to be entered! 😀 Awesome contest!

  72. I follow on twitter (@pinkcreamsoda) and FB 🙂
    thanks for the wonderful contest!

  73. Some good books on that list. I would love to be entered. I am also following you on twitter (@bookangel224).

  74. Cassandra C

    Thanks for the awesome contest!

    Cassandra C
    cassandra dot crouser at yahoo dot com

  75. You rock!

    Just added you as a friend on Facebook (Kristen Harvey) and was already following you on twitter @bookgoil.

    Rockin’ contest!

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  77. Awesome giveaway, love to win any of these. 🙂
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  78. WHOA! This contest is crazy-epic. Thank you so much! 🙂

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  79. Yay! That´s fantastic! Thanks for the Epic Contest!

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    You Rock!

  80. Brittany

    Awsome contest lots of great books. I am now following you on twitter and I added you on facebook 🙂

  81. Oh, wow, what an awesome bunch of books! I have to mention that the cover of your novel is GORGEOUS! 🙂

  82. Tina

    What an awesome contest! Thanks for the chance to win.

  83. Awesome prizes! I follow you on Twitter! Thanks!

  84. lavenderlines

    Wow, great contest!

    colleenmckie @ eastlink dot ca

  85. These are some awesome prizes..very happy to see a lot of contemporary YA and not just paranomal stuff!

  86. Sign me up! 🙂
    +1 more for FB add. 🙂

  87. Oh my! Great giveaway! Love to win it too!

    +1 follow your twitter @darlyn5
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    thanks so much!

  88. +2
    Such a great contest!

  89. What an awesome contest!! ❤

    I'm following you on twitter — @BookLabyrinth

  90. This contest is MEGA fab! 😀

    Okay, here are my entries:
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  91. Amazing! Oh my gosh! 😀 *Freaks out*

  92. kelli

    I would love these books!!!!!!

  93. Wow! This contest is fantastic! Thanks for the oppurchancity.
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  94. Cool! So awesome. Thanks for the fabulous contest!
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  95. Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  96. WOW! Please count me in if this is international:)

  97. Well thanks to Kristi for sending me over…lots of goodies you’re giving away. 🙂

  98. +1 FB kathy c habel
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    8 total
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  99. greatcontest please enter me

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    So that’s 3 for me 🙂

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  101. Andrea

    What a crazy contest. So many good books!

  102. Thanks so much for this AWESOME giveaway! there are a bunch of great books that you have up for grabs 😀

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    +2 extra entries!

  104. Awesome contest!

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  105. misskallie2000

    Awesome list of books and giveaway. Thanks for this opportunity to enter your giveaway.

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    all as misskallie2000

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  106. Wow, what a great contest. Sign me up!

  107. What an amazing giveaway ! Enter me please 🙂

  108. Fun and amazing contest!

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  109. Jenn S.

    Nice! What a load of books!

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  110. I’d love to play please!

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  111. Oh this is sooo cool! Woah at the prizes!

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  112. This contest is absolutely AMAZING!!!

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  113. Catalina

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  115. Wow, this giveaway is AMAZING! Thank you so much for having it!

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    *crosses fingers and hopes*



  116. Kate M.

    Awesome contest! I’m crossing my fingers!

  117. Gnesis

    You are made of awesome! Totally want Shadow Summer though Jane in Bloom and Indigo Blues seem good.

    1 am now following you on twitter

  118. +1 for commenting
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    What a fantastic giveaway! This is so much fun. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s photos!

  119. Chase

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  120. Judit

    Such an amazing prizes! Please count me in if the contest is international.


  121. +1 comment
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    =2 total

    thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  122. This contest sounds amazing!! So many great books and other prizes to win!! I wish they’d be on my shelf…

  123. Amazing contest! Thank you so much for organizing it.

    +1 – for commenting
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  124. Giada M.

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    Giada M.

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  129. This contest is awesome!

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  133. Christi Aldellizzi

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    A Patchwork of Books

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    This contest was an awesome idea! 🙂

  151. Yikes! This is so awesome! 🙂 I’ll try to spread the word as best as I can.
    Love, Hannah

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  159. What a fabulous contest!!!!!

    I have been dying to read and review your book, however, being a student doesn’t lend itself to tons of extra book money! Boo!!!!

    Thanks bunches,

    The Mod Podge Bookshelf

  160. I’d love to win any of these to share with my 8th grade students!

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  161. The story siren is right. This contest IS epic! Thank you so much for holding it!

  162. These are all really awesome titles. Thank you for holding this giveaway.

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  163. This is one amazing contest! Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  164. A wonderful contest! I hope I win!

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    Love your work, Lauren, and appreciate the opportunity to win prizies!


    • I totally screwed up my livejournal address on this and…there is someone with THIS address on LJ. The “real” me is the second one…but I can’t figure out how to delete this entry. ULG. Not to mention I spelled PRIZES wrong. Lame. Please adjust on entry??? 😀 Thanks!

  175. Smashing contest!!! You’re already on my FB (which is how I discovered this fab giveaway), and I’m going to add you to Twitter (another point for me–ha!), and I’ll be sending a photo (another five, baby!!!) your way as well.

    Love your work, Lauren, and appreciate the opportunity to win prizies!


  176. WOW! Amazing giveaway!!!

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  177. WOW!!!! Please count me in if it is international.^^

  178. Wow! I probably have no chance of winning but this is still an awesome contest. I am in awe.

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