Bisexuality in teen lit

I wrote this for the GLBT Challenge 2010:

Bisexual characters, especially bi protagonists are unusual in teen lit. A visit to Lee Wind’s website—I’m Here. I’m Queer. What the Hell Do I Read?—makes this clear. Only eight out of 200+ GLBT titles there have bisexual characters or themes. Until recently, the in-betweens hovered on the fringe of the literary rainbow world. For instance, the Lambda Literary Award only began recognizing bisexual lit in 2006, though the award started in 1988. Here are a few of the myths bis have had to overcome–

They go for everything that moves.

They’re not as committed to the gay movement “real” gays.

They prefer to date the opposite sex so they can “pass” as straight.

They’re going through a transition on their way to becoming gay.

They’re confused and indecisive.

Here’s the cool part! Two weeks ago, I bought a stack of bi teen novels and read them all from cover to cover. They were universally excellent, deep, and heart-warming.

To read the rest … and for a list of fun, heart-warming, and amazing bi books, please view the original post at GLBT Challenge  2010.

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4 thoughts on “Bisexuality in teen lit

  1. Awesome post, I’m sad that there is so much misconceptions on bi-sexuality. I have a friend who is actually bisexual and while I am not bisexual, it saddens me when I see people so obviously misinterpreting her bisexuality for something its not such as the things you mentioned above. Thanks for the post!

    P.S.- Sorry for that major run-on sentence- they are my grammatical weakness:p

    • laurenbjorkman

      I love run-on sentences! Your friend is lucky to have an advocate, like you.

  2. Thanks for posting on this topic, it’s important to get the word out there, and hopefully there will be more and more books to fill this gap in the future!

    • laurenbjorkman

      I’m optimistic that there will be 🙂 I have a bi character in my next book, too.

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