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Ask My Sister (#11)

Dear Roz,

Brace yourself because this one is a doozey. See, my dad is kind of (well, more than kind of—he is) the devil. Yep. That’s right. Lucifer himself. But that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is that I inherited his powers, and I can’t control them. They tend to go off at the worst possible moments. Like when the cutest guy in the whole school was about to kiss me.

So I’ve been avoiding this guy. A-because I don’t want him to know my secret. He’ll think I’m a mega freak. B-I don’t want my powers to go off again.

But now he thinks I’m not interested in him. And the school dance is coming up! How do I avoid him and still get him to ask me to be his date at same time?


The Daughter of the Devil

Dear Devilish Daughter,

My dad sometimes annoys me because he has a tendency to wear under-sized shirts with over-aged rock stars on them. And cooked Mad-Cow-Disease loaf for dinner after I became a vegetarian. But your dad is the devil himself? That must be crazy.

Can we trade?

I mean, he must give you awesome birthday presents.

Seriously, this kissing problem sounds severe, though. I’d love to have secret powers, but not if they interfered with my love life. Boys can be soooo picky about the freak thing.

Try calling, texting, and IMing your love interest before the dance. That way he’ll know you still like him. But don’t overdo it. Sixty texts a day kind of freaks the guys out.

The thing is, your guy will want to kiss you at the dance. If you make it to that point, can you think about something totally different when that happens? Something like the amazing differences between parabolas and ellipses?

The course of true love never did run smooth, especially when your dad is the devil himself.

Good luck!


P.S. I’m dying to know what happened when your guy kissed you. Did his eyebrows catch on fire? Did something explode? Did a cow suddenly appear in the room? What?

Letter courtesy of Shani Petroff, author of THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY DRESS (Book 2 of her Bedeviled series).

I totally laughed aloud reading the first book of Shani’s series, DADDY’S LITTLE ANGEL. Here’s the cover of book 2.

I can’t wait to read it just to find out what happened when she kissed her boyfriend!

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Do what others say you cannot do

My dad’s birthday is coming up. So today I sent him a package with a giant wrought iron spider, a hand-made card, and a fortune that read: There is great pleasure in doing what others say you cannot do.

A long time ago, my dad was working on the interior our sailboat, Gaucho. Some people came along the dock and started talking, not realizing he could overhear them.  One said, “That boat will never sail again.”

Which made my dad see red. And become more determined than ever. He went on the restore the Gaucho.  And sail the world in it with his two daughters for five years.

I share this story for one simple reason. If you have a dream, any dream, but you don’t dare pursue it because someone tells you it’s impossible … don’t listen! Go for it. Prove that person wrong, instead.

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