Dear Cass,

My sister Eva is driving me crazy! She’s older than me, and we used to be so close. Now she treats me like so much air. Air tainted by an unpleasant odor, that is.

She could be mad because I (occasionally) go after her ex-boyfriends. But I haven’t done that for at least three months. I think it’s something else. Do you think I should spy on her?


Dear Roz,

I think there must be some older sister code that requires that they suddenly start seeing their younger sister as the lowest form of life on the planet. Believe me, I’ve been there. Maybe it has something to do with the boyfriend thing, but really, it could have nothing to do with you.

You can learn a lot by spying, but usually not the stuff you really want to know. My advice? Ignore her right back. I’d bet she still cares about you somewhere under that front, and once she notices you’re pulling away, her big sister instincts will kick back in and she’ll start worrying about you.

Just don’t overdo it. You could end up with way more attention than you actually want.

Good luck!


Letter courtesy of Megan Crewe, author of Give Up the Ghost, a YA paranormal.

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P.S. If you send in an ASK MY SISTER letter by midnight on October 20th, you will be entered to win a pair of sister necklaces.

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One thought on “ASK MY SISTER (#6)

  1. Hi Lauren 🙂
    Thank you Megan for the great letter.
    My daughters are just like that.
    They are 2 years apart.
    Have a wonderful weekend Lauren,
    All the best,

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