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Dear Roz,

My parents keep trying to set me up with their accountant’s son. He is 4 feet tall with a lazy eye, bad breath and a horrible lisp. I keep pretending to have food poisoning whenever he gets close to me, but it’s not working. In fact, he just asked me out. Before I could fake another bout of the stomach flu, my sister piped in and accepted his invitation for me!

So first off, how do I get her back? I could replace her shampoo bottle with green hair dye if you think that would be the classy. Secondly, I’d like to offer you my entire allowance for six months and my undying friendship if you’ll go with him instead. Can I count on you?


Your New Best Friend

Dear New Best Friend,

I Accept your offer. (How much do you get for allowance, anyway? Never mind. We’ll work out the deets later.)

With Halloween around the corner, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. I’m 5’ 10” after all. If I take him trick-or-treating, everyone will think I’m his babysitter. Honestly, I feel sorry for him, though. Do you think he’d let me give him a makeover?

And I promise not to be mean to him on our “date.” I only do mean things like vandalize a guy’s skateboard when he’s too beautiful, but refuses to ask me out.

Your sister def needs a little payback for betraying you, btw. Didn’t you say she was going to be an angel for Halloween? I have some ideas on how to gothify her costume when she isn’t looking 😀 I’ll come over this afternoon with the black spray paint and chains.

O, what girls dare do!


This letter is courtesy of Kim the Book Butterfly. Check out her blog at

*email letters to Roz or Eva at

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Sister Necklace Contest Winner!!!


Book Butterly

book blogger extraordinaire

talented funny letter writer

and all round enthusiastic, exuberant, and lovely person

just WON a pair of sister necklaces made by me!

Congratulations, Kim!!!

Thank you to everyone who participated. I loved all your letters, and will let you know when I post the answers.

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My book in the wild

Sydney Salter (author, friend, 2k9er, and 2009 Debutante) sent me this photo of My Invented Life in the wild. Well, not exactly in the wild. But in a bookstore in Utah! I just had to share.


Sydney has a new middle grade novel out called Jungle Crossing. Her main character travels to the Yucatan on a family vacation. While there, she undergoes a major transformation and discovers the meaning of true friendship. I love this book and highly recommend it.

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Dear Cass,

My sister Eva is driving me crazy! She’s older than me, and we used to be so close. Now she treats me like so much air. Air tainted by an unpleasant odor, that is.

She could be mad because I (occasionally) go after her ex-boyfriends. But I haven’t done that for at least three months. I think it’s something else. Do you think I should spy on her?


Dear Roz,

I think there must be some older sister code that requires that they suddenly start seeing their younger sister as the lowest form of life on the planet. Believe me, I’ve been there. Maybe it has something to do with the boyfriend thing, but really, it could have nothing to do with you.

You can learn a lot by spying, but usually not the stuff you really want to know. My advice? Ignore her right back. I’d bet she still cares about you somewhere under that front, and once she notices you’re pulling away, her big sister instincts will kick back in and she’ll start worrying about you.

Just don’t overdo it. You could end up with way more attention than you actually want.

Good luck!


Letter courtesy of Megan Crewe, author of Give Up the Ghost, a YA paranormal.

* send ASK MY SISTER letters to

P.S. If you send in an ASK MY SISTER letter by midnight on October 20th, you will be entered to win a pair of sister necklaces.

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I got a lovely review in Publisher’s Weekly!


Publisher’s Weekly said this about My Invented Life:

Roz’s voice is witty and genuine as she moves through the ups and downs of coming out (and eventually coming clean). Evocative of Boy Meets Boy and Dramarama, this makes for fun, thought-provoking reading.


P.S. New ASK MY SISER letter coming on Friday.

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Sister necklace contest –last week!

My sister necklace contest is in it’s last week. Just comment with an ASK MY
SISTER letter here to enter. In case you’re wondering if it’s worth the trouble, I took a picture of one of the necklaces.


The crystal heart is pure white and 1/2 inch long. Both crystals are strung on a 16 inch sterling silver snake chain. The winner will receive two necklace, one to keep, and one to give to her sister or close friend.

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Why I love teen book bloggers

Teen book bloggers are an amazing species. They read voraciously, blog about books in great detail, hold contests, interview authors, and keep tabs on what’s new. Their enthusiasm for books is unmatched by any other group around. When I’ve exchanges emails with them, they’re always so gracious.

And energetic. My To Be Read pile measures in at a respectable two feet high, and wobbles a bit precariously on my night table. The typical teen book blogger could build a small fortress with her TBR books. Many can write a synopsis better than some publishing houses.

Of course, I’m in heaven when I get a rave review from one, but bravo to all of them for their passion and dedication.

Check out some of my recent faves:

Shelf Elf

The Book Butterfly

Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf

Frenetic Reader

Library Lounge Lizard

Book Nerds

Sarah’s Random Musings

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