The BEST Contest–Win Sister Necklaces!!

Tomorrow is my official book launch day. To celebrate, I’m launching the best contest yet! Besides the usual (a copy of My Invented Life) you can win a sweet pair of matching sister necklaces.

What is a sister necklace, you ask?

My sister Jolene and I go shopping together for our birthdays. We live in different states, so this happens once a year. This year, Jolene suggested sister necklaces. We found a beautiful pair of earrings we both loved, snipped off the ear-wire, and made them into matching necklaces.

Of course, if you don’t have a sister, you can give one to a friend that’s like your sister!

I know how to make jewelry, so I’m creating these myself based on the design of the original Sister Necklace. I’ve already bought the crystals, sterling silver findings, and sterling silver chains. They’re going to be gorgeous. I will post photos soon!!

To enter, submit an ASK MY SISTER letter to* OR submit an ASK MY SISTER letter in comments below. Many of the letters so far (see previous blog posts) are long. Yours can be much shorter.

e.g. My BFF started hanging out with a girl that’s the pimple on the butt of my life. What should I do?

It’s that easy!!!! Your question can be real or made up. Funny or sad. If you submit two letters, it will count as two entries. You can submit as many entries as you like.

The contest is open to entries until midnight on October 20th.

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22 thoughts on “The BEST Contest–Win Sister Necklaces!!

  1. Groovy Gal

    Dear Roz,
    There’s a school dance, and this really hot dude asked my BFF out…but I’m sooooooooo jealous!!!! I want someone to ask me out, but I keep waiting and no one is. It’s really hard to act supportive when my BFF’s always talking about how awesome this guy is.

  2. Dear Roz-

    What do you do when you’re almost ending your teenage years and you’ve NEVER dated or kissed anyone?

    I’m Going Crazy!

  3. Dear Roz,

    My only friend in the entire world has gone off to college and left me in this heck hole of a town. Now he has started leaving our IM talks to go out to dinner with some other girl named ‘Briana’ only it is spelt with ‘two n’s’ as HE says. What should I do?

    Sad and Replaced

  4. Dear Roz,

    I just had to move across the country from some great friends. Do you have any good ideas for a long-distance prank (just so they still know I love them)?

    Friend From Afar

  5. Dear Roz-

    I have a friend with a GREAT boyfriend…but she’s suddenly crushing on another guy who has a kid. Is she looking for the drama or something?

    So Confused

  6. Jenny N

    Dear Roz,

    My BFF met this met this guy online and he is driving up to meet her. They have set up a date to meet but she hasnt told her parents about him yet. I am worried as he is virtually a stranger. Should I tell her parents or not, but I dont want to betray my friend.

  7. Laura

    When I was born, my mom said to my dad, “now we have to have a sister for Laurie”. Quite possibly the best decision she ever made. We’re best friends, and go sister-gift shopping together as you do. Our first sister-jewelry was A couple of matching little diamond rings that we always wear. We’re now going into business together, opening a bookstore! We’re *so* lucky, and ever-so grateful for our mom’s wisdom. No question here, just gratitude. So glad to know you’ve got yours, too.

    In sisterhood,

  8. Dear Roz,
    I have been with (well not with, with-just dating) my boyfriend for almost a year. Now this rotten girl-really she’s just a troll- is going around saying she was WITH him this time I mean WITH-WITH). Should I stuff her in a locker, stuff him in a locker or start looking for a new prom date?

    Signed, Betrayed

  9. Dear Roz,

    Everyone tells me that my boyfriend is so hot and we make the best looking couple around. Anyways, we are of course going to the winter formal in two days. (My dress is so pretty by the way, you’d be so jealous if you saw it.) Anyways, for some annoying reason, he got the idea into his head that he’s gay. Can you believe him?! I mean the formal is in TWO days!! So I’m thinking of just telling him to suck it up and not bother me about this until after graduation. Unless I can find a better looking guy to switch him out with really quickly. He says I’m being shallow, I say I’m being practical. What would you do if you were me? Actually, maybe you should bring Eva in on this one- I bet she knows a ton of hot guys she can introduce me to in a pinch.


  10. Jenny N

    Dear Roz,

    I’m a freshman and at a new school this year but in one of my classes there’s this guy that sits next to me and teases me. Its to the point where I’m dreading going to school. If I tell the teacher everyone will think that I’m a snitch. What should I do?


    Sad and Scared

  11. Dear Roz,

    I don’t know what to do. There’s these two great guys at school. Once is a good friend who I just suddenly realized really truly likes me. The other is this guy I semi-know who seems super sweet. The dilemma is they both asked me out.. I don’t know what to do. What’s your advice?


    Dazzled and Confused

  12. MYL

    Dear Roz

    Two of myfriends had a fight recently but havent made up yet. They both think we are right and refuse to apologize to each other so now our group dynamic is very awkard. Do you know what I should do to help?

  13. Dear Roz –

    There’s a guy in my class, and I totally thought he was going to ask me out. He asked for my phone number and we talked everyday in class for awhile, but now nothing. I’m not sure what to think.

    Unsure and Confused

  14. Dear Roz,

    I am going to audition for the Christmas play but I have no confidence. I am not exactly Sharpay. I am more like Vanessa, you know, kinda shy. I don’t know if I should audition. What if I make a fool out of myself? I have never sang in front of an audience before… I’m nervous! What should I do?!

    kate.readthisbook [at] gmail [dot] com

  15. Dear Eva,

    My mom has recently started dating this guy and I can’t stand him. He’s a Shakespearean actor but the problem is…well…he stinks!!! And I mean he really STINKS!! He has a thick a Joe Pesci/ Brooklyn accent and he has horrible table manners. He slurps his soup and burps! It’s so horrible to hear him reciting Shakespeare too. He sounds like a Goodfella! My mom makes me go to his plays with her and clap for him. It’s so embarrassing! What can I do to get her to break up with him?

  16. Dear Roz,

    My family recently moved and my sister and I am forced to submit to the indignity of sharing a room with one another. Besides annoying me when she’s awake, she now manages to drive me even more insane in her sleep. She snores so LOUD. And I mean house shaking, off the richter scale, earthquake loud! What do I do?? I’ve tried everything – propping her head up with pillows, spraying an anti-snoring nasal spray in her nose while she’s conked out – you name it, I’ve tried it! The only thing that works is to roll her off the bed so that she hits the floor and wakes up. (Gives me a mean little thrill I admit) But really, what can I do?! I need my own room. I think she should sleep in the basement with the dog personally, but my mom doesn’t like that one.



  17. Dear Roz,

    I have a big problem. I think my dad is going through a mid life crisis. You know about those, right? It’s when someone gets really up there (like 35-40), and they go crazy because they’re just so OLD! Anyways, it all started when he bought a Harley and some leather pants. Which is so embarassing because he’s my ride to school! But the worse part is this– are you ready? Let me give you a visual. Picture an over the hill, 40 year old guy with a receding hairline, who is 25 lbs overweight walking around the beach flexing his muscles at girls. What is he wearing? A leopard print speedo!! (You’ve probably seen him- we live near each other you know). All my friends make fun of me and someone took a picture and got the lunch ladies to hand them out on the trays!! How can I face everyone? They’re all laughing at me.


    Speedo- hater

  18. Llehn

    Dear Roz,

    I’ve had a best friend ever since we were in kindergarten. Lately, she’s been hanging out with a new girl in school, who’s prettier, louder and more exciting than I am. I’m feeling abandoned but my best friend says that it is only my imagination. How can I get things back to the way it was?

    Left Out In The Cold

  19. Dear Roz,

    I’m head over heels in love with my (male) best friend, but he has a huge crush on my (female) best friends. I know for a fact that she doesn’t like him that way, but what should I do? I can’t get over him!


    Hopelessly In Love

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  21. Dear Roz,

    So I’m having a hard time making up my mind about a couple of guys that I’m seeing. Well, we’re not “technically” together. But I had this embarrassing moment and my Dad was there to witness it. So I had Boy A over at my house along with some friends and we were sitting around laughing and then there’s a knock at the door. Guess What? It was Boy B and I started hyperventilating and I told Boy B to wait at the door for a second. I went tearing into the room with my friends and had one of them to help me sneak Boy A out in the backyard. I told Boy A to show my friend some of his Taekwondo moves while I go speak with my Dad. So I came running back to the front door with Boy B and we talked for about 10 minutes and my Dad was there on the front porch with some of his friends eyeing me with a knowing smirk. I finally convinced Boy B to come back in an hr so I could get rid of Boy A. After Boy B left, my Dad says “Dear Daughter, What have you gotten yourself into, I sure hope you know what you’re doing.” All of his friends started to laugh at this comment. So to say the least I was so embarrassed. Do you have any advice for me on how to juggle two guys until I can figure out which one I want to date because right now I’m enjoying the attention, but I know if they found out about each other I will most definitely have Boy Drama!

    Any advice you can share will help greatly!


    Boy Drama

  22. Dear Roz,
    One of my best friends died one month ago and I still don’t think I’ve really figured out how to deal with it. She was an internet friend so no one else here met her & it’s kind of strange missing someone so much no one else knew. (especially w/ tomorrow being my birthday & the anniversary of when I visited her).
    -Confused & sad

    (guessing that wasn’t exactly where that was supposed to go but its where my head is)

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